BUZZINGS: Jessica Alba Proves Stars Regret Their Cheesy Tattoos Just Like The Rest Of Us (PHOTOS)

Jessica Alba reportedly hates her neck tattoo and is having it removed. Don’t we all regret the trashy flower tattoos we got on a drunken night we were 18-years-old at a dirty tattoo parlor in Huntington Beach? (Celebslam)

• Have you ever found yourself wondering, “Hey, what does Dr. Drew think about these Jesse James/Tiger Woods scandals?” Well, now you know! (PopEater)

• A woman on a bus reportedly diagnosed Woody Harrelson as lactrose intolerant. We love getting all of our medical evaluations from strangers on public transportation. (Starpulse)

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes was spotted working a stripper pole at a gay club. No words in the last sentence are surprising to us. (Bossip)

• Actor Jim Belushi had police waiting to arrest him in Las Vegas after he reportedly had an altercation with a flight attendant. So he moved on from terrorizing comedy to terrorizing the friendly skies? (Hufftington Post)