BUZZINGS: Kate Gosselin To Do Interpretive Dance Reenactment of Her Disaster Marriage

  • Next week’s Dancing With the Stars will feature a dance based on Kate Gosselin’s drama with ex-husband Jon, which will likely consist of Kate and her partner Tony Dovolani strangling each other for three minutes straight. (PopEater)
  • Judging from this trailer for The Expendables, the movie will be so manly that clouds of testosterone will form above every movie theater it’s shown in. (Starpulse)
  • Jesse James had unprotected sex in a fourway with a complete stranger. In other news, Sandra Bullock has begun comparison shopping for a Haz-Mat team. (What Would Tyler Durden Do)
  • Jennifer Aniston reveals her big beauty tip: “Stop eating sh*t.” Marie Claire really needs to give her a regular column. (Huffington Post)
  • Jennifer Lopez employed the services of a butt double for The Back-up Plan, presumably because producers thought an IMAX release would be too costly. (LimeLife)