Ed Westwick Enforces Strict “No Pictures” Policy With Public Tantrum

You’d think that someone as lovely as Ed Westwick is wouldn’t mind having his picture taken, but apparently such is not the case. The dashing Gossip Girl star reportedly pitched a big-time fit recently when a fellow diner at New York eatery Los Feliz dared to point a camera in the actor’s direction.

The best part? The guy wasn’t even taking Westwick’s picture. So take it easy, pretty boy. According to the unfortunate shutterbug who incurred Westwick’s wrath, he was merely documenting his night out with pals at his own table when the man who plays Chuck Bass came charging at him like an angry rhino:

“Ed came over and was like, ‘Stop taking my picture! He started shouting obscenities at me and getting in my face. He was all bitter and sh*t. I thought it was a joke.”

Apparently, Westwick wasn’t kidding; according to the patron, Westwick “walked off in a cloud of disgust” and, when the patron confronted him about the misunderstanding, Westwick “dissolved into a fit of rage.”

Clouds of disgust, fits of rage, people. What, no thunderstorms of malice? You’re losing your touch, Ed.

Adding insult to attitude, Westwick’s dining companions reportedly told restaurant staff that the unfortunate diner was a paparazzi, prompting further grief for the diner, who paid up and left rather than causing a bigger scene than was already occurring.

Maybe Westwick should start ordering in more often?