Heidi Montag Wants To Star In ‘Tomb Raider’, Because Of Course

Are you listening, Hollywood? Because Heidi Montag has an awesome idea for you!

Now that Megan Fox has respectfully declined the opportunity to assume the Lara Croft role from Angelina Jolie in the Tomb Raider movie series, Montag has come up with a perfect replacement—herself! The Hills villainess, who recently dipped her toes into the pool of serious acting with her cameo in the upcoming Jennifer Aniston flick Just Go With It, tweeted on Tuesday,

“I want to be blonde tomb raider, i’m better with guns then both Angelina and Megan fox put together!”

Well, sure; we all know that she excels at shooting off her mouth—at least before it was tightened into an immobile slit by her plastic surgeon—but guns? We guess we’ll take her word for it.

And who knows? Maybe it’s the ideal role for her. Once she  cracks open that tomb, Montag might find whatever tenuous connection to reality that she might have once possessed.

What do you say, readers; ready to see Heidi Montag step into Lara Croft’s tall boots? Let us know in the comments section!