Jesse James Moves From ‘Cheater’ To ‘Neo-Nazi’

We mentioned before that there was a photo floating around of Jesse James doing a Nazi salute while wearing a Nazi hat and it looks like Us Weekly has finally uncovered the photo. And to think, we had Jesse pegged as a respectful and classy individual!

The photo was reportedly taken in 2004 while Jesse James and Sandra Bullock were still dating.

Although he seems like he has no qualms about dressing up in Nazi garb, James’ friends tell Inside Edition that he isn’t a neo-Nazi but that he took the photo for “shock value.” Because, tee hee, isn’t racism and genocide so shockingly funny? Jesse sure is a funny guy.

The photos of James have come out just after his mistress, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee, was labeled a white power hobbyist by her ex-husband and photos of her dressed as a neo-Nazi surfaced online.