Kristin Cavallari Joins Growing List Of Starlets With Cheating Significant Others (PHOTOS)

Soon-to-be-former-Hills star Kristin Cavallari has lost a job and now has lost a man.

Kristin had been dating much-older club owner Sam Nazarian for a few months but kicked him to the curb when she found out that he was cheating on her with a revolving door of other women. Apparently Kristin had stopped over at her boyfriend’s house to pick up something and was greeted by another woman coming out of Sam’s bathroom:

Kristin made her way to the bedroom to retrieve her belongings and that’s when she saw a striking brunette exiting Sam’s bathroom. She knew right away what was going on. She asked the girl who she was and they bonded immediately. She called Sam from her phone but then she had the other girl talk to him, so he was so freaked out. He was expecting Kristin’s voice and then he got the voice of the girl he was cheating on her with!

Yikes! First of all, who is the “source” who is quoted in this item? They narrate the whole event like it was actually an episode of The Hills. Get this person into the writing room, MTV!

Also, who does this Sam guy think he is, giving keys to his house to all the women he is dating? Did he really never expect to get caught?

Kristin, as the source eloquently puts it, “dumped his ass” shortly after this episode.

We hope that we can pull things together after learning about this shocking news. We’ve been shedding tears all over our keyboard thinking about Kristin’s unfortunate love life. Hopefully Kristin will have the strength to move on!