Michael Lohan Decides To Try This Whole ‘Being A Good Dad’ Thing

Oh Michael Lohan, it feels like we haven’t heard from you in ages.

Michael gave a press conference on Tuesday, claiming that he is trying to publicly appeal (read: shame) Lindsay Lohan into seeking professional help for her various addictions, shoe-powdering and hard-partying ways.

Michael says that Lindsay is “not OK” and goes on to explain how he wants to help his daughter:

I think we all see and know what’s happening with Lindsay. I get calls from her closest friends and it’s worse than you can imagine. My daughter needs to let me help her. I don’t want her to be a statistic. My heart goes out to people who have lost their children.

Michael Lohan is Hollywood’s Greatest Dad, you guys. Why isn’t Lindsay letting him help her? What a terrible way to treat such a loving, caring and private father.

Do you think Lindsay’s reluctance to talk with her father and seek help for her problems might be because he is always staging a public press conference about her personal issues?

Hm, nope, can’t be that. Who wouldn’t want their addiction problems splashed all over the news by their own father over getting a personal intervention with family and friends?