Pierce Brosnan Is Impressed By Robert Pattinson’s Female Fans

We don’t need Pierce Brosnan to tell us that our golden seducer, Robert Pattinson, is a hit with the ladies, but we aren’t going to let that stop him from talking about our beloved.

Brosnan talked about the fan mania surrounding R-Pattz in a recent interview for Empire magazine. While Brosnan noted that he used to be considered a sex symbol (we would say that he still is!) he has never seen a female fan-magnet like Robert:

I remember being outside the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. We were shooting in the Oak Room and there were 2,000 girls out there from 12 to 21. Actually, there were some gorgeous looking girls out there, but they weren’t around my caravan. I had the mothers at my end and some beauties there were too! But it was very sedate by my end of the motor homes. I’d walk out and get a hearty cheer. I’d trip up the steps of the Plaza feeling very good with myself that I still have the juice. But as I’d be walking down the corridors into the Plaza I would hear this wave, this cacophony of sound as girls clamoured for Robert. His girls go through the rafters for him.

Yes, it is true, Robert is a big hit with the ladies. We just thought we would let you know, in case you thought you were the only gal pining away for R-Pattz.