Ricky Martin May Have Been Caught ‘Gay-Handed’ By Paparazzi Before Outing

You may have already heard the utterly shocking, life-changing news that pop sensation Ricky Martin is gay, but did you know that he may have been forced out of that transparent closet?

According to Guanabee, a Latino blog is claiming that Martin only came out of the closet because the paparazzi had snapped some photos that “finally proved” that Ricky was a gay.

What kind of photos “prove” that someone is gay, other than sex photos? Was Ricky spotted wearing a feather boa while clutching a Liza Minelli album? Was he seen walking a poodle in a leotard while shopping for organic heirloom squash at a farmer’s market? Unless you’ve got hardcore sex photos, you got nothing.

Anyways, the paps were trying to sell the gay photos to various magazines, prompting the magazines to call Ricky’s publicist to confirm the story. Ricky heard about what the paps were trying to do and well, we all know what happened next.

Do you think the paparazzi were the cause of Ricky stepping out of the closet? If the story is true, why haven’t we seen the “super-gay” photos of Ricky popping up yet?