Whitney Port Isn’t Afraid To Be A Single Lady (VIDEO)

The City’s Whitney Port may be known for having talent for fashion, but did you know that Port is also a talented karaoke star?

Port posted a video on her official website of her and co-star Roxy Olin goofing around on her 25th birthday and singing karaoke to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It).”

Usually, when we wake up the next morning and find out that we attempted to channel Beyonce during a night on the town, we hide our heads under our pillows, but Port has a much better sense of humor about herself than we do:

Hi loves, This video is so amazing! I just stumbled across it and had to show you guys what fools Roxy and I made of ourselves at my 25th Birthday party. We had the best time ever and danced and sang all night. In tribute of our love for the Single Ladies dance, we decided that we had to sing this for karaoke. What do you think of our performance? We definitely would make it on American Idol, don’t you think? hahaha

xoxo, Whit

Don’t be so modest, Whitney. Your karaoke skills sound much better than ours.

Watch the video below.