Jesse James Isn’t A Neo-Nazi, Some Of His Best Friends Are Jewish

Whoops! After pictures of Jesse James wearing a Nazi hat and doing a “Heil Hitler” salute surfaced, James has gone on damage control trying to clear his name of any neo-Nazi taint.

Through his lawyer, Joe Yanny, James has decided to rely on the old “I’m not a racist, some of my best friends are Jewish!” excuse to clear his name. From CNN’s report:

The hat may have been in poor taste, but it was given to James as a gag gift by his Jewish godfather, attorney Joe Yanny said.

Possessing Nazi memorabilia does not make someone a neo-Nazi, he said.

As evidence that James is no anti-Semite, Yanny said James lived for nearly a month in an Israeli kibbutz.

Can you even have a Jewish godfather if you aren’t Jewish? We thought that to be a godparent you had to share a religion with the child’s parents. Although maybe the Jewish godfather in question is a little lax on the whole “Jewish” thing since he has no qualms giving his non-Jewish pals “gag gifts” that involve the killing and oppression of millions of Jewish people. You see, it is funny because so many people died!

For a lawyer, Yanny isn’t so great on this whole eloquent damage control thing. For instance, he could have started off with, you know, an apology and an acknowledgment of how the photo might have offended a lot of people instead of launching into the gag gift line.

James may not be a full-fledged neo-Nazi, but posting in a “Heil Hitler” salute while wearing a Nazi hat doesn’t exactly paint him in a flattering light.