Kate Hudson Is Dating Three Different Men, Turning Into a Living RomCom

Kate Hudson Is Dating Three Different Men, Turning Into a Living RomCom-photo

What do you do when you are a gorgeous, talented and successful actress who has scores of men interested in dating you?

Well, if you are Kate Hudson, you just date three of the most eligible bachelors at the same time. Hudson is rumored to be juggling three beaus after she broke up with Yankee Alex Rodriguez. If that doesn't sound like the premise for one Kate's rom-coms, then we don't know what is.

Hudson is reportedly dating photographer Darren Ankenman (whom she met on the set of Bride Wars), an unnamed stockbroker and golfer Adam Scott. Yep, life must be tough for poor Kate, entertaining various good-looking men.

However, ex-husband Chris Robinson is rumored to be not so pleased that his former wife and mother of his child is so successful on the dating scene.

Apparently Robinson thinks it will be bad for their child. Because having Kate sit at home alone and miserable is the only option that would be beneficial to a child!

We're glad that there is finally a female playgirl on the Hollywood scene who doesn't have a sleazy reputation (cough, cough Lindsay Lohan). The boys can't have all the fun!



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  • dON

    What the heck did the author mean when he said she did not have a sleezy reputation??? This author must be living under a rock!!! LOL

  • LA girl
    LA girl

    dating 3 men hasnt dont anything for her self esteem shes gone and had a boob job.maybe 3 men all with roving eyes for woman with big boobs is jst a wee bit too.

  • big boy
    big boy

    wonder what her charging rate is?

  • pam

    shes just a skank...theres nothing "female playgirl" about her behaviour ..shes always been a skank...if she was worth keeping alex rodrguez would have wanted to marry her yet he dumped her needy arse. she was desparate to marry rodreguez and he was desparate to get rid of her.