Miley Cyrus Will Buy Enough Shoes To Save Entire US Economy (VIDEO)

America’s most wonderful teen sensation, Miley Cyrus, made a recent visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about her new movie, new man and new adulthood plans. Nothing is off limits with Miley!

In the interview, Miley talked about how she is going to live it up once she turns 18 and move out of her house, forcing her family to live off Billy Ray Cyrus’ meager “Achy Breaky Heart” royalties.

Miley mentioned that her mother was a former interior designer, so she will probably help Miley pick out items for her new home. However, Miley says she can already see fights and tantrums being thrown between the particleboard furniture items at Ikea due to their differing tastes.

Apparently, Miley likes “zen” interior styles, while her mother likes “chandeliers.” And if you know anything about zen and chandeliers, you know that those two will never get along!

Miley also announced that she will be spending her money on shoes once she can get her footwear-hungry hands on her millions, thereby issuing a much-needed jolt of money back into the flailing American shoe economy.

Thanks for saving us, Miley!

Watch the interview below: