Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez Are Officially Over, A Nation Weeps

Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez Are Officially Over, A Nation Weeps-photo

A moment of silence, people; Nilena is officially no more. Just as stealthily as Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez rekindled their relationship earlier this year, they've called it quits, a source tells People:

"They were an item, but they are no longer together."

So how did this seemingly everlasting love crumble to dust? According to the source, the two quietly called it quits in early March after realizing that their upcoming work schedules—Nick has a Jonas Brothers tour this summer, while Selena will be off in Europe filming the comedy Monte Carlo at the same time—would leave them too busy for love anyway.

But don't shed any tears over this latest dissolution of America's "It" Couple. After all, Selena isn't:

"It's never fun to go through a breakup. but Selena has a lot of friends she's leaning on for support."

Interestingly, the split comes just a Nick's bro, Joe Jonas, has confirmed his relationship with Demi Lovato, leaving Nick the odd single man out of the trio. Guess he'll be hanging out with little bro Frankie a lot more for the time being.

Are you surprised by news of the split, and who do you think Nick and Selena should date next? Share your thoughts in the comments section.



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  • NelenaRules

    Nelena RULES!!!!!! They r perfect 2gethr!!!!!!!!

  • Alexa

    Selena and Nick are PERFECT, and I really mean PERFECT together!!!!!!! They broke up because of busy schedules but not because they don't want to be with each other anymore!!! And they are SSOOOOOO cute together!!

  • me love nelena
    me love nelena


  • angieshockie

    y would nick do that!!! they were a great couple... till that break up

  • juslynne

    hi its ok.. theres more people there

  • Vanessa

    I think Logan Lerman or Taylor Lautner could be perfect for her. Otherwise, Nick Jonas and his BIG EGO match perfectly.

  • supermodel 00
    supermodel 00

    They are just teenagers. Let them be friends. Why does everyone have to make these relationships so serious. i agree they should just be friends, i made that final decision when i saw the send it on music video, honestly it all was confusing because like everyone daed almost the same person like a love circle

  • Angie

    I doubt Nick and Miley are getting back together. I think he's like George Clooney, perfectly content with staying single. If he does date again, please be someone not affliliated with Disney.

  • Lily

    This was obviously all for publicity. They mysteriously get together right when his new album comes out, then, a month later, they just stop setting up meetings and -poof!- they've 'broken up'. I would bet anything that they were never together in the first place

  • selenafan

    I think she should date Logan Lerman.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    I think Selena should date Ron Jeremy next. And Nick should date Lexington Steele next.

  • charlene

    well the next girl nick should date is me or try to get miley back i mean win miley's heart again and salena can date anyone but NOT nick cuz his MINE i mean it , i mean nick will be MINE in my future :)

  • Crisss

    Taylena FTW LMAO

  • taty

    i think they should meet some other people and be single for while.

  • rightknight

    I think he should go back to miley

  • Nileyfan


  • 1...2....3

    no im not surprised at all cuz i hate selena anyway and nick he deserves being single though i used to looooooooove him but not anymore

  • katey

    They are just teenagers. Let them be friends. Why does everyone have to make these relationships so serious.

  • as

    HAHA that article has her linked to some other musician and they went on a double date with taylor swift and cory... but i think her and logan lerman would be awesome!