Amanda Seyfried Isn't Afraid To Show Off Her Love Of "Minge"

Amanda Seyfried Isn't Afraid To Show Off Her Love Of

Actress Amanda Seyfried isn't afraid to do a little girl-on-girl action in her films (she has done lesbian love scenes in both Jennifer's Body and Chloe) and apparently she isn't afraid to proclaim her love of the female anatomy outside of her professional life.

Seyfried recently showed off a tattoo on her foot that spelled out "minge" in cursive writing. For those of you who don't know, "minge" is a slang term for female genitalia in the Queen's English. Things sound so much more refined when done in British English.

Of course, Seyfried's "minge" tattoo could have a different meaning to the actress, but she probably wasn't unaware of the English "minge" meaning since she is dating British actor Dominic Cooper.



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  • danni

    ha I think its hot, thought-provoking, and tasteful. Since when is being proud of being a woman (and all that comes along with it) such a bad thing?

  • love

    ok. i hate tattoo's but maybe it means something else to her? idk.xD but i think it's stupid. i liked her as just a hetero...:| what's wrooongg?

  • guest

    Another stupid actress who thinks she's cool.

  • Judy

    As if a tattoo wasn't stupid enough.

  • Anonymous

    ew. gross.