BUZZINGS: Critics Oddly Unimpressed By Miley Cyrus' Acting Abilities

BUZZINGS: Critics Oddly Unimpressed By Miley Cyrus' Acting Abilities-photo

• Here is a surprise: Miley Cyrus is apparently getting slammed by critics for her "stiff" performance in The Last Song. (PopEater)

• PETA reportedly wants Angelina Jolie to become their new spokesperson. Men everywhere wait with baited breath for Angie to appear nude in one of PETA's famous "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" campaigns. (LimeLife)

• Actor Neal McDonough was fired from new TV show Scoundrels for refusing to participate in a sex scene with Virginia Madsen. Come on dude, she isn't that bad-looking. (Starpulse)

•Speaking of leaving TV shows, S. Epatha Merkerson (aka, Lt. Van Buren) is leaving Law & Order after 16 years on the job. But she will always live on in the thousands of syndicated episodes that always seem to be playing at any given time on TV. (Hufftington Post)

Just in case you were staying up at night worrying about it, Reno 911! star and current Dancing With The Stars contestant, Nicey Nash, says she loves her infamous booty. (Bossip)



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  • Kacie

    I think Miley did amazinggg in this movie! she really set the mood for the audience. and when she cried, she affected me also. She made the movie seem real. She connected very good. I think Miley is very talented for her age. Sure, she's made BAD choices, but come on! shes Seventeen! you can't expect perfection at that age! we're still experimenting with things in this world and we're still learning! Critics are ALWAYS going to hate Miley. No matter if she won a Academy Award for her movie role, they will still diss her. ONLY because they cannot see her as growing up. They always see her as a "little tween queen hannah montana," instead seeing her as the "seventeen year old, still growing up, miley cyrus." Critics will NEVER see the good in her. Only the bad! She does so much good for this world and for her fans, but the media covers it up with the bad lies and all the negativety that is soo small. If it were Selena Gomez walking around pulling her eyes back like a Chinese person, nothing would have been done. But, since it's Miley, this ones a shocker, they will go as far as they can to get her into trouble that she doesn't even need! A little info to the critics and haters: YOU'RE NOT GETTING TO HER. She isn't going to quit just because y'all are trying to break her down. She's only coming out stronger for her fans. Miley deserves everything she gets! and needs a LOT more recognition! why don't you guys just give Miley a break for once?!?!? and I think Miley and Liam are adorable together. But yet, theres always a bad side to it, right? or a lie made up about them GETTING MARRIED? yeah. Miley is a very strong young woman. Even though she is three months younger than me, I still look up to her! and thank you Fanofthearts! its true. I dont think Nicholas Sparks could have written this book for anybody else BUT Miley! 8)

  • FanOfTheArts

    First of all the critics are wrong, Miley is a good actress and the only reason they are slamming on her is because they want someone to criticize, someone they can make fun of because they think everybody hates Miley and they don't. The only reason why they are picking on Miley is because they wish they were like her or just as good, but they aren't. Miley Cyrus is a GOOD person and a GOOD actress!

  • arnold

    Ok, criticas fazem parte ,falem bem ou falem mau mas falem sobre a Miley de preferencia falem

  • clock

    just saw it good(alright) but depressing - just honest. miley is beautiful will give her that.

  • madelyn

    you know, i hate to say it, i'm a huge miley fan but i was disappointed in the movie. the pacing was horrible, it deviated too far away from the book, liam's accent was very noticeable despite a dialect coach and the way they transitioned ronnies change of heart for will/her dad made her look like she had a personality disorder. i found it hard to be sympathetic for miley's character because they didn't give enough back story even though i've read the book. however, i felt bobby coleman's performance was very moving when he learned his father was dying. and what was with the clothes change montage? that didn't match ronnie's pensive, bitter rebellious personality or her loves tolstoy and baby sea turtles personality. this movie was just all over the place. i look forward to better things from miley in the future.

  • yep

    i agree with the critics they are being right about this one. and she is no diva this kid has a lot to learn and a lot of growing up to do her days have come and gone hanna montanna is over or soon will be

  • andrea

    I think the critics are totally wrong i saw this movie and i dont dislike miley or anything but im not an avid fan but it honestly looked like a good movie and it was!!! she did great in my opinion. The critics just like to think of her as pop disney star "Hannah Montana" and her playing a dramatic role and very dark role isnt very convincing to them as their just used to seeing her as smiley miley. For thi being her first actual serious movie i thought she portrayed her character very well and people shouldnt slam her on this performance just because they alread dont like her.

  • sophie1986

    Seriously, Heidi's psychic could have seen that one coming.

  • Heather

    This movie was great but Miley really can't act...Liam is good but Miley is a horrible actress !

  • Olivia

    The problem with critics and Miley is that so many of them hate her for being young, rich, beautiful and refusing to follow the established mode of saying nothing while being perfect, that it is almost impossible to believe them as an objective third party.

  • objective critique
    objective critique

    i saw this movie, and i honestly dont see what the critics were talking about. i went to see this movie because i am a 20 y/o nicholas sparks fan, and i had no prior major opinions of miley cyrus before hand. i thought the movie was really good. definitely better than dear john. i like how it focused more on the father/daughter relationship than the romance part. it was different. the acting was good all around. i think liam has a lot of promise for the future. greg kinnear was good as usual. bobby coleman was adorable as an innocent, but very smart little boy. considering this was miley's first real movierole, i thought she did a very good job. she had a charm to her, and i felt that she wasn't going too over the top at all. good job on all fronts. i give it a B+ rating