Charlie Sheen To Turn ‘Two And A Half Men’ Into ‘One And A Half Men’

Troubled actor Charlie Sheen is rumored to be leaving his hit TV show Two And A Half Men.

Insiders are reporting that Sheen is planning to leave the show when his contract runs out at the end of the show’s current season. Sheen just recently returned to the set of Two And A Half Men after he went in for preventative rehab and was arrested during a family-Christmas-gone-awry last year.

Now, Sheen is thinking about leaving his only steady job in the past 10 years, which might mean curtains for the show since, let’s face it, as much as we love Angus T. Jones, that kid won’t be able to carry the comedy on the show all on his lonesome.

However, other insiders are saying that Sheen is simply doing a power play with CBS in an attempt to get more money. Sheen currently makes $825,000 per episode and is reportedly wants $1.5 million per episode. That will buy a lot of “preventative” rehab stints!