Jesse James Allegedly Impregnated One of His Mistresses, Because This Story Needed to Get Seedier

Oh, Jesse James; your rampantly prolific libido continues to horrify and entertain us all.

As if the infidelity scandal swirling around Sandra Bullock’s husband wasn’t already unseemly enough, it’s now being reported that the Monster Garage star—who has an aversion to condoms, according to several accounts—impregnated one of his alleged Other Women. According to a source,

“Jesse got a mistress pregnant. Jesse knew about it.”

The source goes on to add that, while the mistress made no attempt to hide the pregnancy, James’ wife Bullock was unaware that her hubby had planted a baby in another woman’s garden. Luckily the media is on hand to inform her of such developments, for which Sandy is surely eternally grateful.

In the end, the unnamed mistress did not have the child, though it’s not known why. Which is a shame, because the future is going to need its supply of cheating dogs with a taste for tattooed gutter-trash too, you know.