Lindsay Lohan, Already Having A Terrible Week, Is Also Apparently Broke

It’s probably a good thing that Lindsay Lohan is having trouble getting into nightclubs these days, because as it turns out she probably wouldn’t be able to afford to drink in them anyway. TMZ reports that the troubled part-time actress is having trouble standing on her own two feet in more ways than one, and recently found herself facing eviction for owing back rent. Like, $23,000 worth of back rent.

Sick of getting stiffed, Lohan’s landlord recently sent the former Mean Girls star a legal notice, ordering her to pay up or get out. Somehow, facing homelessness, Lohan managed to come up with the cash, though we’re not sure how, since she’s lately been in the habit of blowing off the few paying gigs that have been offered to her.

Maybe Congress should come up with a stimulus plan targeted at party-hearty actresses who can’t seem to get their act together.