Nicole Richie’s Twitter Hack on Kim Kardashian Was an Inside Job, With Khloe’s Help

Notorious prankster Nicole Richie enlisted the help of Khloe Kardashian to play an April Fools’ Day prank on her unsuspecting sister, Kim Kardashian, yesterday.

Richie reached out to Khloe for Kim’s Twitter password, and Khloe of course was more than happy to oblige. The Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami star was quite proud of the prank and took to her blog to brag about it. She wrote:

“I’ve been friends with Nicole for years and she has ALWAYS been a huge prankster. So yesterday on April Fools’ Day she asked me for Kim’s Twitter password and suggested that we come up with funny things to tweet together as Kim. So I of course gave it to her and she immediately started tweeting and changing Kim’s pics. I was dying!!!! It was so funny because I was trying to act like I had no idea, but Kim was blaming me, and everyone on Twitter just assumed I was the one responsible LOL. I guess that would make sense, given my past Twitter hacking record haha.

I love that Nicole did that, she’s amazing. April Fools’ Day is pretty much her favorite holiday.”

The victim of the hoax also shared her side of the story her Web site. Kim blogged,

“There I was thinking I had made it to the end of April Fools’ Day without getting seriously pranked and then I start seeing really bizarre replies on my Twitter on my Blackberry. Khloe gave my Twitter password to Nicole and she totally took over my Twitter. She changed the background and my profile pic (luckily I had them saved) and then started tweeting from my account!!! You totally got me, Nicole… now I’m just plotting my revenge. Do you guys have any ideas??

For now… everyone de-follow Nicole on Twitter LOL. Just kidding!”

When two celebs like Khloe Kardashian and Nicole Richie join forces, destruction is inevitable. We hope to see a lot more from this partnership in the very near future.