Victoria Beckham Gains Weight To Get Pregnant

Victoria Beckham is reportedly packing on the pounds so she can have another baby with husband David Beckham. Apparently, Victoria’s doctor told her she would have to gain weight in order to boost her fertility. We guess thin is not “in” when you are looking to have a family.

Women who are too thin tend to not ovulate or have periods, which might be the reason behind rail-thin Posh scarfing down food.

But don’t think that Victoria is moving on from eating air and raw spinach to eating cheeseburgers and donuts, she is eating “healthy” high-carb foods like pasta, potatoes and brown bread. Where’s the fun in gaining weight if you can’t stuff your face with bacon and grease-drenched fast food?

David and Posh reportedly want a baby girl in addition to the three boys they already have.