Warning, Ladies: Sex With Rupert Grint Can Be Traumatic (VIDEO)

Apparently, Harry Potter star Rupert Grint’s magical powers don’t extend to the bedroom. At least not when the cameras are rolling.

Grint experienced his onscreen deflowering while filming the upcoming gritty drama Cherrybomb with Kimberley Nixon, and while one might assume that such an event would overflow with bliss. During a recent interview to promote the film Grint revealed:

“I had my first sex scene and it was a traumatic experience. But Kimberley found it a lot more embarrassing. I think it’s easier for boys. It was her first too, so we were in the same situation. It’s just such a weird thing anyway being in a room of 12 men.”

Speak for yourself on that front, Rupe. Watch Grint make his shocking bedroom confession in the video below: