BUZZINGS: Kate Gosselin Says She's Horrified by Her Own Face, World Silently Averts Its Eyes

BUZZINGS: Kate Gosselin Says She's Horrified by Her Own Face, World Silently Averts Its Eyes-photo
  • Kate Gosselin has finally discovered what the entire world has known for years: That her face is the sort of thing that makes a person want to crawl into a closet and hug his teddy bear for dear life while sobbing uncontrollably. (Starpulse)
  • Justin Bieber appears at the White House, which represents Canada's greatest threat to the building since they torched the place in 1814. (PopEater)
  • Ice Cube calls out Eminem, Kanye West and Jay-Z in song, before running off to film his latest PG movie about the wacky misadventures that occur on a family vacation. (Bossip)
  • A XXX parody of The Golden Girls is in the works, presumably to help curb overpopulation by spurring worldwide erectile dysfunction. (Dlisted)
  • A select collection of Fergie's earliest musical performances, before her life became a living hell of fame, riches and sleeping with Josh Duhamel every night. (Idolator)


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  • Wendy Renee
    Wendy Renee

    If you really want to stay home with your kids DOWN SIZE. There was no need for the new house. With the money made from TLC and your books you have ENOUGH money to raise your kids. STAY your A@@ home

  • julie04

    Now you are ready for the next step kate: Put a paper bag over your head and hide yourself from the world. Everything is going to be just fine!

  • RERE

    your a stupid dumbass fugly b*#ch your not dancing cus you need the money!your doing to get away from them're so full of sh*t, you always say it for your kids b*#&ch stop lying if you need the money so bad get a realy job and make your looser ex husband to make more money...i don't want to see you any more. no one like you Kate!!!! thats why Tony Quit on you

  • ShugahPop

    BTW, she looks like a "HO" tonite... what a loser.....pUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  • ShugahPop

    Her Face HORRIED ME FROM DAY ONE!! What a trashy trailor park lying loser...... awwwwww More "WHININGPISSINGMOANING" from the LIAR QUEEN.... SELL that mansion and get a REAL JOB and spend your time with those pitiful children of yours that are already half crazy.. If you REALLY LOVED them, worried about them, cared about them, THATS exactly what you would do... COME down to earth and stop with the lying about needing money.. GET out of that expensive lifestyle, and HELP YOUR CHILDREN.. GET LOST AND SOON!!!!