Gerard Butler Cheats on Jennifer Aniston in Today’s Pretend Celeb-Relationship News

Has the much-hyped but totally pretend relationship between Gerard Butler and his The Bounty Hunter co-star Jennifer Aniston already come crashing to the ground? In a shocking development that will make fans of imaginary celeb hookups everywhere gasp, it’s been reported that 300 hunk Butler was spotted enjoying a romantic French rendezvous with Gallic TV journalist Laurie Cholewa last week.

After taking a cruise on the Seine river with Aniston last Saturday, the 40-year-old bearded, Scottish and apparently fickle movie hunk reportedly struck up a rapport with talking head Cholewa—so much so that he returned to Paris mid-week to romance the 29-year-old film reporter, walking hand-in-hand with her as they checked out the local landmarks and later enjoying dinner with her on the Left Bank.

This news follows weeks of titillating but completely meritless reports that Butler and Aniston had transformed their onscreen relationship into an offscreen fling, reports that seemed to be confirmed by a photo purportedly depicting Butler squeezing Aniston’s tush, but which was probably just taken at a misleading angle in an effort to fuel further baseless speculation.

It is not yet known whether this development will cause Aniston to redouble her thoroughly fictional efforts to regain the love of her ex-husband Brad Pitt. Celebuzz will, as always, keep you posted as further pretend details emerge.