Jesse James’ Lawyer Wants the First Amendment Repealed on His Client’s Behalf

When one considers who might be to blame for the predicament that Jesse James currently finds himself in, one might be tempted to place the blame squarely on James himself and his wandering junk. But not so. According to James’ lawyer, the fault actually resides with those pesky journalists and their Constitutional right to report the facts.

The former Monster Garage star and alleged serial adulterer’s mouthpiece, Joe Yanny, is lashing out at the media who’ve been covering James’ sordid saga of infidelity, including his recent blink-and-you’ll-miss-it stay at an Arizona rehab facility. Yanny fumes,

“The First Amendment was not meant to cover the sexual lives of people who are not in office. This is sheer voyeurism and bullying, pure and simple. It’s disgusting.”

Odd, there doesn’t seem to be an asterisk in the First Amendment with a footnote that reads, “Offer not valid for journalists reporting on the sex lives on non-politicians,” but hey—if Jesse James’ lawyer says so, who are we to argue?

But really, Joe—”disgusting”? We’ve seen disgusting, and a few journalists hanging around and taking notes about your client probably doesn’t qualify.