Michelle McGee Makes Triumphant Return To Stripping

You can take the girl out of the strip club but you can’t take the strip club out of the girl. Jesse James’ mistress Michelle McGee has made a triumphant return to her home away from home, the stripper pole. And she is clearly milking her infamy for as much cash as she can get. From RadarOnline:

Charging $100 a lap dance, “Bombshell” was the hot commodity at Pure Platinum, where she usually dances as “Avery” – the name of her five-year-old son. But for her return to the pole, Avery chose to cash in on her notoriety, going by “Bombshell”!

“You’ve seen her on magazine covers, you’ve seen her on the news, ladies and gentlemen, Michelle “Bombshell”,” screamed the voiceover, as she was introduced to a full house.

And like James, last night at least, men wanted a piece of “Bombshell” and were throwing dollar bills at the first woman to come forward with tales of a tawdry affair with Sandra Bullock’s husband.

Hear that fellas? Now you too can have “the Jesse James experience” for just $100!

Michelle also reported that she “has a lot of exciting things coming up in her life.” Life must be really rewarding for the woman who publicly embarrassed the wife of the man she was sleeping with.