MTV Paying ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast To Breed World’s Orangest Baby Guido

Because the world is a strange and meaningless place, the Jersey Shore girls have reportedly been offered a bonus by MTV to get pregnant during the second season of the show. Are you ready for a baby Snooki or mini-Situation?

According to Star magazine (via LimeLife) MTV is allegedly trying to generate as much drama as they possibly can within the Jersey Shore cast, even going as far as to offer any female cast member who gets pregnant during the taping of the second season a $500,000 bonus and a chance to have a spin-off series. Basically, MTV is paying for the breeding of mini-Guidos.

In addition, Snooki’s boyfriend told the magazine that he is afraid that MTV is going to try to get Snooki to cheat on him. Poor Snooki’s boyfriend, he should have known what he was signing up for when he started dating a C-list reality star.

Do you think the world could handle a Jersey Shore baby?