Robert Pattinson Is The World’s Saddest Dreamboat

Poor Robert Pattinson. The guy is breathtakingly handsome angel but the pressures of fame are starting to get him down.

Robert recently opened up in an interview with The Sun about how his rising fame and legions of adoring teenage fans are crushing his life. Robert calls his fame “a burden” and says that he finds pushy strangers and fans “grueling and repulsive.” Yikes! From The Sun:

Being well known is a real burden. I’m less open and have noticed that I’m actually getting paranoid.If people push themselves on me I find it gruelling and repulsive.

If I even think someone wants to approach me I feel the need to scream, ‘What do you want of me’. Then later I think, ‘What if this person only wanted to be nice?

Robert also admitted that his social life has disappeared since he became famous, but that he is trying to reconnect with his friends through Skype. He also added that he doesn’t feel that he has worked long enough as an actor to deserve the level of fame he has achieved.

Aw, this all sounds so rough for our sweet Robert. We think he has earned his share of fame, hopefully he will adjust more to his celebrity as he grows older.