Tiger Woods Hopes Renewing Vows Will Make Up For All That Cheating Stuff

Word on the street is that after Tiger Woods competes in the Master’s Tournament this week he may be looking to renew his vows to wife Elin Nordegren. That might be a good idea considering that their original wedding vows have been pretty much tarnished beyond repair after all of that cheating stuff.

Tiger is hoping that by playing well in the Master’s that he will be able to win back his fans and sponsors. And after he’s won over our hearts and minds with his amazing golf skills, Tiger hope to regain the trust of his wife by recommitting himself to their marriage.

A source tells PopEater that the American public is pretty easy to win over (it’s true, we are just sheep who instantly like anyone who wins something) but Tiger’s European wife might not be as easily won over. That might have less to do with where she comes from and more to do with the fact that, you know, he cheated on her with about 300 different porn stars/cocktail waitresses in various Embassy Suites all across the country. We could see why she might not be so willing to put all her trust back into Tiger again.

Tiger will be giving a press conference today at the Master’s and he might talk about his plans with his wife. (Elin will not be accompanying him to the Master’s.)