Heidi Montag Claims She Was Assaulted By ‘Hills’ Producer

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have revealed that Heidi suffered abuse from an executive producer while on the set of The Hills. Hm, we would be more sympathetic if we hadn’t heard a similar bombshell story from Nicolette Sheridan earlier this morning.

Heidi told Perez Hilton that she was “pushed” by a female executive producer while filming. She claims it was the same unnamed producer who had Spencer removed from the Hills set for threatening the producer’s life.

Heidi also says that this producer asked Spencer to punch his sister Stephanie Pratt in the face. Apparently this was what sent Spencer off on the producer and caused him to threaten her.

Well, at least we now know that there is one thing that Spencer isn’t willing to do for fame and it involves beating up the sister he reportedly hasn’t spoken to in seven months. The guy has ethical principals! Very, very loosely defined ethical principals.

Heidi also told Perez that she tried to complain about the alleged “assault” but that the producer lied about the incident. Heidi offered to take a lie detector test (because we’re sure MTV has a few of those on hand, just for fun) but the rest of the crew refused to believe her complaint.

Now Heidi and Specer are looking to take legal action against the executive producer and possibly MTV because of the alleged incident.