Jon Gosselin Keeps Things Civil, Threatens to Sue Kate

Well, this is one way to show your kids that you care. Kind of. Former Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad Jon Gosselin is planning to sue his ex, Kate Gosselin, for custody of their eight children, claiming that her duties on Dancing With the Stars have rendered her an “absentee parent.” A pretty bold claim, coming from a guy who basically abandoned his family in order to run around with a series of 20-something party girls.

Oh, and did we mention that, if he’s successful, Jon will no longer have to pay the $21,000 in monthly child support he currently forks over to Kate? In fact, she’d have to pay him child support? Yeah, that might be significant.

According to Papa Jon’s attorney, Anthony List Sr.,

“[Gosselin] wants equal say with custody, equal time, but if the circumstances remain as they are, with Kate being rarely home, Jon wants primary custody of the children. He is much better able to spend time with the children.”

List says that he plans to file three separate actions in the next day or two and, lest anyone questions his client’s motives, he notes that this is totally about the well-being of the kids. Totally:

“Kate Gosselin can’t have it both ways unless there is some balance, unless there are some opportunities for these eight children to be in her physical presence. Jon wants to spend time with these kids, and she is throwing up road blocks. And the eight children are the innocent victims. This tears Jon up.”

Sure; think about all the fun with dear old dad that the kids are missing out on: The trips to the Ed Hardy outlet. Hanging out with whatever sketchy “aunt” he’s dating at the moment…

A source close to Kate’s publisher, meanwhile, claims that Gosselin’s legal wrangling is a transparent ploy to throw a monkey wrench into the release of Kate’ latest book, I Just Want You To Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith and Family, which hits shelves on April 13:

“It’s almost as if he deliberately timed this to sabotage her efforts to promote the book. Now she’s once again going to defend herself as a mom when she should be able to just talk about this project that she worked so hard on.”

Maybe they could both do the kids a favor and put them up for adoption? It doesn’t seem like there’d be any shortage of takers willing to put the tots in a more stable living situation than they’re in now.