Lindsay Lohan Expands Her 6126 Line to Embrace Full Spectrum of Fashion Fail

Lindsay Lohan’s last foray into the fashion world might not have ended well, but you have to give the girl credit: She keeps getting up no matter how many times she gets knocked down, which these days happens to be quite a bit.

The occasional actress has now expanded her 6126 line of leggings to include a full clothing line consisting of 280 pieces, designed to keep women covered for both daytime and nighttime activities. (We can only guess that some of the designs will include secret pockets for flasks and other party favors, along with easy-clean fabrics for whatever unsightly spills might occur throughout the evening.)

The expanded collection, which hits stores in July, will include mini-dresses, cardigans, and hoodies covered in sequins or lace, and will go heavy on the leather, including a burnished, gold leather jacket and a black crocodile-leather mini-dress. We can’t imagine that PETA will be too thrilled with all the animal hide (after all, the actress and the animal-rights group have faced off before), but then maybe they’ll come to recognize that LiLo is the most endangered creature of all and let things slide just this once.