Michael Lohan Determined To Milk Lindsay’s Problems For Media Attention

Father of the Year, Michael Lohan, is going to do anything he can to save his daughter Lindsay Lohan from hurting herself! Well, at least he will do it if cameras are watching.

Michael held a press conference last week to air out all of daughter Lindsay’s dirty laundry for the world to see, claiming that he is trying to help her confront her addictions and problems. Lindsay quickly fired back on Twitter by posting semi-abusive text messages he had sent her that week.

Now, it seems, Michael is determined to tell the world about his intervention plans for Lindsay because, what are “private matters” and “personal issues” anyways, when you think about it?

Michael told anyone who would listen that he had planned various interventions for Lindsay with her inner circle but that the intervention kept getting put off. Michael claims that Lindsay’s lawyer Shawn Chapman Holly is the main obstruction to Lindsay’s supposed path of redemption.

Ironically, Michael stated that it’s “nobody’s business” how his staged intervention with Lindsay will go, but we are 100% sure he will be calling up Star magazine to give them the details once the intervention takes place.

What a great family the Lohans are!