Sandra Bullock Denies Existence of Sex Tape, Disappoints Pervs Everywhere

Sorry, pervs; you won’t see Sandra Bullock performing in a XXX version of Miss Congeniality anytime soon. The Oscar-winning actress, who has maintained her silence throughout the sex scandal revolving around her husband Jesse James, is finally speaking out to deny rumors that she and James made a sex tape.

Bullock tells People magazine:

“There is no sex tape. There never has been one and there never will be one.”

Internet rumors began to spread this week that Bullock, 45, and Monster Garage star James, 40, had filmed themselves having sex—and according to some accounts, it was pretty out-there stuff—and James was holding onto the tape as leverage in case Bullock decides to  divorce him. (So far, four separate women have come forward to claim that they had sex with James during his marriage to Bullock.)

Guess you’re stuck with your worn-out copies of While You Were Sleeping and your imaginations for the time being…