Sandra Bullock May Be Afraid Of Jesse James Spilling Her Secrets

What’s the deal with Sandra Bullock’s divorce from Jesse James? Contradicting reports continue to come in: they’re divorcing! They’re not divorcing! They’re maybe divorcing! So what is the truth to the divorce rumors?

RadarOnline is now claiming that the reason Sandra is taking her sweet time ending her five year marriage with alleged serial cheater Jesse is because he has got some serious dirt on her and she doesn’t want him to go blabbing to the press. Sandra is known as one of the more low-key and private actresses in Hollywood, so spilling her secrets could not only damage her privacy but possibly her reputation.

A source tells the website that “the last thing [Sandra] wants is Jesse out there talking about her and talking about their marriage” and that “his behavior is so erratic that she doesn’t want to send him over the edge.” But what kind of dirt does Jesse have on her that could be so damaging to her public image?

There is another rumor going around that Jesse has a collection of Nazi-themed S&M sex tapes that involve him with other women (there is no word on if the sex tapes involve Sandra). Could the sex tape sand possibly the details of her sex life be what Sandra is scared of?

Considering that Jesse is being revealed to be more and more of a jerk, it seems weird that Sandra would think that staying with Jesse would benefit her image more than divorcing him.