Sexy Pics of Megan Fox Holding Cute Critters Will Explode Entire Internet (PHOTOS)

Who wouldn't want to be cradled in the warm embrace of Megan Fox? Well, this cat, it seems, who appears to be frightened for its life as the Transformers beauty poses in these outtakes for Paw Print magazine.

In the magazine, Fox poses with her vast menagerie of personal critters, including the cat seen above, a fox, and a parrot named Bowie.

What, no shots of Megan with her boyfriend Brian Austin Green, on a leash and lapping milk from a bowl? Maybe they're saving that for the next round of outtakes. In the meantime, check out the photo gallery to enjoy Megan's animal attraction.



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  • PsychoKittyD

    that is a beautiful cat.

  • Katherine

    She's beautiful

  • germanxxannie

    these are the pics of her i don't like. it's not art or something, just lips and dirty looks and this time not even good ones

  • xoxocrissy

    she is extremely gorgeous, also she really hasn't had the chance to prove her talent yet!

  • kales

    her lips look obviously fake and super bad....natural beauty is better and she had it, now shes making herself look fake and icky

  • kales

    wow clealry got new lip injections...looks so fake!

  • Muy

    WTF's?! Who did the photoshopping? It's awful! She looks like a bad drawing.

  • Dest

    @op. . . stop being jealous ! your just in denial cause you've never seen someone so hot.FYI these pics were taken a long time ago. She only looks different cause her hairs straight and not in her way. let ppl say wat they want we all have our opinions ^^

  • jerk

    Looks like jowls. Strange.

  • bessy1

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  • Laurent Budai
    Laurent Budai

    great shoots

  • Tara

    She Looks Cute, But A More Natural Look Is WWAAAYY Better[:

  • whitecatthorn

    It's called PLASTIC SURGERY, and this hoot was done in 2007 / 2008, she's had tons more surgery since since, hence why she looks the way she does today. This is her before the surgery: 2004: 2006: 2007:

  • Whitecatthorn

    Omw, people, these pictures are from 2007!!!! She's had TONS more surgery after this, hence how she looks today...... look it up, the photographer was Chris Matula or something.

  • johnny_Staccs

    word fuk is u sayiin she is sexy as hell

  • taylor

    her pumped lips look funny

  • newpicsplease

    dude this article is from 08.. these pics are OLD, yawn.

  • naturell

    she is so her eyes kinda resemble dat of the fox

  • kysmelly

    You guys are ridiculous. Megan Fox isn't any hotter than the hot girl who works the makeup counter at any department store.

  • ashley

    dude this article is from 08..

  • Alexis23

    When photoshop goes wrong... :S

  • shoo

    who gives an arse about talent when u look like that.

  • unknown


  • chrissy

    she has no talent at all

  • indelicatto

    @op. . . stop being jealous ! your just in denial cause you've never seen someone so hot.FYI these pics were taken a long time ago. She only looks different cause her hairs straight and not in her way.

  • op

    she looks completely different from just a few months ago!! BROWLIFT anyone?? Wow....her eyes are altered and look how high her forehead is!!!

  • MoonlightDeceptions

    is this supposed to be ironic

  • Amelia

    wow, shes definitely not trying to look like angelina in this one.....

  • snickesrs

    Her lips are funny here

  • Gabriella

    She's pwetti

  • bev

    umm wonky nose?

  • damn

    That girl manages to look incredibly hot in a t-shirt and jeans holding animals...