Tiger Woods’ Mistress Demands Apology Because This Is All About Her

Tiger Woods held his first post-sex scandal press conference yesterday as he prepared to compete in the Masters Golf Tournament in August, Georgia.

The press conference itself was fairly tame. Tiger talked about his drug use (he says he never used illegal drugs) and rehab stint. However, there was another Tiger-related press conference that occurred yesterday that was exponentially more interesting, if not ridiculous.

Joslyn James, a porn star and former mistress of Tiger, held a “press conference” on Howard Stern’s morning show and demanded that Tiger give her and the other mistresses an apology.Yes, because Tiger is required to give an apology to women who knowingly slept with a married man and then went public with the details of his sex life in exchange for a few brief minutes of fame? Oh, and we’re sure Tiger loved that Josyln posted all of his dirty sexts online. That must have been her olive branch to welcome a Tiger apology.

Joslyn also claimed that she had became pregnant twice while sleeping with Tiger, one resulted in a miscarriage and the other was terminated with an abortion. She also called Tiger Woods’ Monday press conference a “big mularkey.”

Do you think Tiger should apology to his mistresses who went public with his affairs or do you think they brought all of this on themselves? Let us know what you think in the comments section.