BUZZINGS: George Clooney Denies Break-Up Rumors, Disappoints Women Everywhere

• Nice try, women of Planet Earth, but putting a picture of George Clooney on your vision board and willing him to be single again, Secret-style, isn’t going to make him actually single. (Starpulse)

Tracy Morgan loves Tina Fey. You and us both, Tracy. (Huffington Post)

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt found that even amongst displaced Bosnian refugees there are people on Team Jen. (Dlisted)

• Speaking of teams, Jesse James’ mistress #2, Melissa Smith is sporting a “Team Sandra” t-shirt. Were you also Team Sandra when you slept with her husband and then went public with the affair, Melissa? (LimeLife)

Juno writer Diablo Cody announced via Twitter that she is pregnant with a Pequito Diablo. Honest to blog, Diablo? (PopEater)