BUZZINGS: Lindsay Lohan Is More Nauseous Than Usual Today

  • After hearing that her father got engaged to Kate Major, Lindsay Lohan remarks, “I’m gonna vomit!” But remember, this is Lindsay Lohan, so those two facts might not be related. (Parade)
  • A student gets kicked out of school because of his Lady GaGa shirt. Pfft; If he was really a fan, he would have paid tribute by going to class without pants. (PopEater)
  • Whitney Houston is doing coke with Bobby Brown again? It’s so nice that they could see past their differences and focus on what really counts. (Dlisted)
  • Tiki Barber leaves his pregnant wife for a 23-year-old intern. Tiger Woods sends him a fruit basket in thanks for taking some of the heat off. (Bossip)
  • Chelsea Handler gets a B-12 shot “for horniness.” Score another one for Bieber. (Huffington Post)