Jesse James Can Rest Easy Knowing Whoopi Goldberg Is On His Side

Whoopi Goldberg isn’t exactly known for her controversial opinions, but today on The View she voiced her support for Nazi-salute-loving alleged serial cheater Jesse James.

Whoppi talked about Jesse and Sandra Bullock’s marital problems during the “Hot Topics” section of the show, taking the side of one of the most unpopular husbands in the news right now. Whoppi said that the cheating was “nobody’s fault” and that “maybe he was looking for something different.”

So basically Whoppi thinks that people shouldn’t be held responsible for their actions? We’d love to hear a cheater defend him or herself to their partner with the “I was just looking for something different” line.

Well, actually, it turns out maybe Whoppi had some experience working on that line, she later admitted on the show that she had cheated “5 or 6 times” while she was married. Whoops! Well, we guess that explains it, sorta.