Jessica Simpson Ditches Makeup, Airbrushing For ‘Marie Claire’ (PHOTOS)

Marie Claire put a makeup-free, airbrushing-free Jessica Simpson on the cover of their May issue. Jessica looks beautiful, as always, but that is probably why Marie Claire was willing to put her on their au natural special cover.

Young celebrities like Jessica are always going to look amazing without aibrushing. They don’t have wrinkles to worry about, their skin has been pampered with years of expensive skin care treatments and the magazine’s photographer is going to know how to put the celebrity under the most flattering of lights so they don’t come out looking like a sallow-skinned zombie. Let’s see them put a picture of Madonna or some other mature celeb on their cover without makeup and airbrushing.

Still, it is commendable that Jessica has enough self-confidence to appear on a national magazine without most of the “movie star magic” that typically makes celebrities look picture perfect.

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