Jessica Simpson Ditches Makeup, Airbrushing For 'Marie Claire' (PHOTOS)

Jessica Simpson Ditches Makeup, Airbrushing For 'Marie Claire' (PHOTOS)-photo

Marie Claire put a makeup-free, airbrushing-free Jessica Simpson on the cover of their May issue. Jessica looks beautiful, as always, but that is probably why Marie Claire was willing to put her on their au natural special cover.

Young celebrities like Jessica are always going to look amazing without aibrushing. They don't have wrinkles to worry about, their skin has been pampered with years of expensive skin care treatments and the magazine's photographer is going to know how to put the celebrity under the most flattering of lights so they don't come out looking like a sallow-skinned zombie. Let's see them put a picture of Madonna or some other mature celeb on their cover without makeup and airbrushing.

Still, it is commendable that Jessica has enough self-confidence to appear on a national magazine without most of the "movie star magic" that typically makes celebrities look picture perfect.

What do you think of Jessica's Marie Claire cover? Let us know what you think in the comments section.



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  • Kaylee

    Why do people always have to criticize and pick on little things. This picture definitely is different and very natural. So what if she has a bit of lip gloss or maybe a tinted moisturizer. Maybe it is not even true, You can do a beautiful picture just by setting light in the right way. Don't forget that these are professionals, so even if she doesn't have make up on, they can make her look great trhough light and a good angle. She is naturally beautiful and I think it is great that for once they didn't airbrush.

  • freshfaced

    Give me a break, you can definately see eye-liner and mascara. She is beautiful no dounb about it, however, this is NOT make-up free!

  • Oh Dear
    Oh Dear

    Oh really? I can see the lipstick, the blush, the eye liner and mascara. And of course she have foundation. The only she doesn't have is more color. Shame on her.

  • tips

    she´s a pretty girl all the way, no matter how people feel about her

  • Blue Buddha
    Blue Buddha

    Does the term makeup only apply to foundation, because she definitely has makeup on; eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss. How about a picture without even that; just out of the shower towel dried hair, fresh clean skin? That would be different. This is just less makeup.