Jon Gosselin Is Broke, Ed Hardy Stores Brave For A Slow Summer

We knew there was a reason behind Jon Gosselin threatening to sue Kate Gosselin for custody of their eight little rugrats: money.

Surprise, surprise, Jon is broke. It turns out that when you don’t work you can’t earn an income. All of this was a very foreign concept to Jon who figured he would be rolling in dough and Ed Hardy swag for doing nothing after he left his TLC reality show, Jon and Kate Plus 8. Jon hasn’t had a steady job since the show.

A source tells RadarOnline that Jon is almost completely broke and that he wants full custody over his eight kids so that Kate will be forced to pay him child support (Jon currently pays Kate $20,000 a month in child support).

Wow, exploiting your kids to get money, this guy really did learn a thing or two from BFF Michael Lohan! These two should team up and write a book about being the World’s Greatest Dads. And then we should all burn that book.

Kate, meanwhile is reportedly earning $200,000 for her stint on Dancing With The Stars and has a new book coming out about “love, faith and family.” She also reportedly has a new show on TLC in the works.

Surely there is a way for Jon to earn some money somehow, right? We hear Starbucks is hiring, and they offer full benefits! Or he could always call in some favors and get a job as a sales boy at Ed Hardy. We’re sure he would fit right in over there.