Jon Gosselin Keeps His Word for Once, Sues Kate for Custody of Kids

Well, whaddaya know; Jon Gosselin is actually capable of following through on things on occasion. True to his threat yesterday, the ousted Jon & Kate Plus 8 dad has filed papers in a Pennsylvania court seeking primary custody of the octet of kids that he spawned with ex-wife Kate Gosselin.

According to Papa Jon—via his mouthpiece, Anthony F. List—Kate’s stint on Dancing With the Stars has caused her to become an “absentee mom” who doesn’t spend nearly enough quality time with the kids. Oh, and he also wants the $20,000-a-month child support payments that he’s been shelling out to Kate reversed. That’s important to Jon too, for some reason.

Kate was quick to fire back at her estranged spouse, offering a mouthful for someone who claimed not to be commenting:

“I am not willing to comment in public on the custody discussions regarding my children. What I will say is this: I am and always will be a mother first, but as a single working mom, I will do everything necessary to provide for my kids despite the opinions of others.”

Seems like a frivolous lawsuit to us. After all, if Kate’s run on Dancing With the Stars is the big issue, it seems like that will be working itself out sooner rather than later.

Who do you think should win this legal battle, Jon or Kate? Share your opinions in the comments section.