Kate Gosselin to Her ‘Dancing’ Cohorts: “Talk to the Bodyguard!”

Is it a blessing or a curse when Kate Gosselin decides she doesn’t want to talk to you? That’s a question that the Dancing With the Stars staff is getting a chance to grapple with these days, because apparently the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 mom has decided that directly speaking with the hired help is beneath her.

A source close to the production of the show reveals that staffers have been directed to communicate with Gosselin through her personal bodyguard and rumored tryst-mate, Steve Neild:

“When the show needs to contact Kate, they go through Steve. She acts like a major celebrity. It’s a joke with the cast, like, ‘Oh, look out—the bodyguard is watching!'”

Perhaps not surprisingly, Gosselin’s standoffish attitude hasn’t exactly endeared her to her castmates, who so far have neglected to invite her along to any of their weekly post-show after-parties. Says the source,

“If she tagged along, they wouldn’t ask her to leave, but they wouldn’t be overjoyed either. She’s not much fun.” 

Kate Gosselin, not much fun? Stop the presses! 

Oh well; it’s probably all for the best, anyway. Judging from Gosselin’s performances so far, she could use all the rehearsal time she can get.