Kendra Wilkinson Introduces Baby Hank to Easter, Playboy Style

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett celebrated adorable baby Hank’s first Easter the way most traditional families do; with a fun-filled trip to the Playboy mansion. Apparently Hugh Hefner throws quite the Easter shindig, with plenty of blondes, boobs and baby goats for everyone!

Kendra shared all the details of the magical day on her official web site.

For hank’s first easter we celebrated by going to the playboy mansion!! Hef hosted a huge family day and everyone brought their kids…it was like a zoo, LITERALLY!!!!!! Hank was too young for the easter egg hunt but he was sooooo excited to pet the animals in the petting zoo (i think i was just as excited as he was, i even got to hold a baby goat for a few minutes lolol). Hef was so happy we came, it was really sweet.  After that we spent a little time at the park and then came home and opened easter baskets.  I helped the lil guy write out a card for his daddy :)

There’s no doubt that years down the line Hank IV will be bragging to his football buddies that he used to spend holidays with Hugh Hefner and his 87 girlfriends at the mansion.