Lil Wayne Passes Time In Prison By Talking Inmates Off The Ledge

Rapper Lil Wayne has just started his stint in prison at Rikers (he is serving a one year sentence for attempted criminal possession of a weapon) but it looks like he already has a job: suicide watch.

Lil Wayne’s ex, Toya Johnson, told Us Weekly that the rapper has been put on suicide watch to monitor “the crazy prisoners” to make sure they don’t commit suicide. Toya didn’t reveal more details on the job, which we hope involves something more than just sitting and literally “watching” some depressed prisoners to make sure they don’t kill themselves.

Toya also mentions that Weezy likes the job “even though they don’t pay him much.” Yeah, all those well-paying jobs are so hard to come by in prison these days. Luckily Lil Wayne has all that wealthy and celebrity to fall back on once he gets released.

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