Lindsay Lohan And Perez Hilton Engage In A War Of Twits

Lindsay Lohan engaged in a war of Twitter wits with gossip blogger Perez Hilton yesterday after Perez posted on his gossip blog speculating that Lindsay was looking for drug money.

Perez fired the first shots, playing the concerned frenemy card and pretending to be worried about Trainwreck Lindsay’s destructive lifestyle. From his Twitter:

@lindsaylohan Are you okay? Hope you’re in a positive place and getting help.

Oh, yeah, we’re sure Perez is “concerned” about Lindsay’s fragile state. That’s why he is constantly posting about her antics and starting rumors that she is drunk or on drugs. What a dear friend!

Lindsay could see right through Perez’s passive-aggressive antics and shot back. From her Twitter:

@perezhilton your statement couldn’t be more wrong in every single way. And I find your accusations and slanderous remarks to be gross […] then again, Karma is a bitch, isn’t it? I can’t imagine what yours will be

Strong words! It will never cease to amuse us little celebrities actually know about the concept of Karma, but whatever. We’re getting off topic.

Perez, never one to avoid drama, decided to wage a war on Lindsay. From his Twitter:

@lindsaylohan ME being the on on drugs? Denial must be your middle name! And Enabler is your mother’s! #prayforlindsay

@MichaelJLohan I rarely agree with your tactics but I DO agree that Lindsay needs help – desperately! #prayforlindsay

Poor Lindsay, doesn’t she know that she should avoid engaging in a war of words with someone who is paid to be say bitchy things?