Lindsay Lohan Puts All Her Legs In the Leggings Basket (PHOTOS)

Looking for something for the girl who has everything? Let Lindsay Lohan's 6216 ads be your inspiration while shopping for spring fashion for your loved ones.

Sure, all girls like leggings, but they also like to stand out from the crowd. Lindsay's lace-backed leggings, silver jumpsuit and corseted black legging will definitely grab people's attention, for better or worse (probably worse).

Click here to see all of Lindsay's ads for the 6126 Spring '10 line.



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  • Maggie

    Is it a clothing line for cheap hookers? Reminds me of the prostiutes you see on a street corner.

  • dasda

    she couldn't afford to hire professional models for this? sad.

  • steffica

    "Omg she could be so pretty ... I'm so sorry that fame damaged her so much :((" true...

  • naturell

    sorry to say , but she has ruined her career and image, all her attempts to get back into the spotlight is pathetic

  • Laura Kowalewicz
    Laura Kowalewicz

    she looks awesome

  • Irving73

    what is it?? looks like some leggings and lace tights and a few AA style shiny tops....dreadful.. and a dreadful shoot too - so low rent.