Michael Lohan Is Engaged to Kate Major, and the Circle of Icky Is Now Complete

Does Michael Lohan just lie awake in his underground lair all night thinking of ways to skeeve out the rest of the world? According to People magazine, the World’s Greatest Dad is engaged to former tabloid journalist Kate Major, who used to date Lohan’s former BFF Jon Gosselin.

Lohan, mind you, is 49 years old, while Major is a youthful 27—or, put another way, a mere four years older than Lohan’s daughter Lindsay. But don’t worry; the whole engagement went down in a totally Norman Rockwell way, according to Major:

“I’m very traditional, so I wanted him to talk to my father. Michael went down with me to Florida for Easter, to meet my father to ask for his permission, and my father gave his blessing.”

Says Lohan, who first came to know Major four years ago,

“I’m ecstatic. I’ve never met anyone who’s been there for me like Kate. She’s always been there for me. The one thing about Kate is that she doesn’t come with baggage.”

Right, no baggage. Except for that whole dating Jon Gosselin thing.

Though no official date for the magical nuptials has been set, Major says, “it will probably be in New York, probably at the end of this year.”

Swell! What do you plan to get the happy couple as a wedding gift? Share with us in the comments section!