Prince William And Kate Middleton To Marry, Killing Princess Dreams For Millions Of Women

Prince William and his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton might be getting engaged. That’s right you can let that childhood dream of marrying Prince William and becoming a real princess fly off with the rest of your ’90s teen crushes because it ain’t gonna happen.

The Daily Beast is reporting that royal insiders say that Prince William and Kate are expected to formally announce their engagement on June 3rd or June 4th. The pair have been dating since they met at St. Andrews University seven years ago.

TDB’s Tina Brown says that a spring engagement and subsequent winter wedding would “make sense all around” for the royal family. Brown also speculates that the wedding won’t take place at St. Paul’s Cathedral where William’s mother, the late Princess Diana, was married. Maybe the pair will just say “whatever” and go get married while on a bender in Las Vegas while wearing swimsuits and drinking beer out of red plastic cups while exchanging vows. What? That isn’t everyone’s dream wedding scenario?

Congratulations and best wishes to the lovely couple!